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Eaternity, Switzerland 1 minute read

Eaternity, a Swiss startup, has created a tool to help restaurants and canteens to understand the carbon footprint and environmental impacts of the food they serve

Our food choices are responsible for about 30% of man-made greenhouse gas emissions. Eaternity, based in Zurich, has developed a series of tools to help eaters, retailers and foodservice outlets to calculate and understand the environmental impacts associated with the foods and meals they make and eat. The Eaternity Database contains CO₂ equivalent values and unit processes for popular food items based on seasonality, farming procedure, transportation, conservation and processing models. Eaternity Gastro, an online app, calculates a restaurant’s CO₂ emissions, water footprint and health impact based on food purchase receipts, and supply statistics. The results of the calculations are delivered in real-time, or via monthly reports. The Eaternity Score gives assessments for climate, water use, animal welfare, and rainforest protection indicators. So far, over 8,000 products have been scored and 100,000 CO2-equivalent impacts have been calculated.

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