Beefing up cultured meat

CELL FARM, ARGENTINA 1 minute read

The Argentinian start-up Cell Farm is trying to wean meat lovers off of beef by providing an equally appealing alternative that needs less land.

Argentinians love beef. In fact, the nation ranks very high on the list of the world’s most beef consuming countries per capita. When compared to other food products, beef produces the highest amount of greenhouse gases per kilo. This makes belching bovines a significant barrier in the race to drawdown emissions. For some meat lovers, a vegetarian diet is out of the question. This has led innovators around the world to come up with other ways of producing meat. Cell Farm is Latin America’s first cultured meat startup. Their goal is to develop and standardize a process to produce meat from extracted animal stem cells. They hope that this will, in turn, reduce the need for raising livestock. Cell Farm has developed a stem cell bank with the best Argentine bovine genetics that offer a pre-approved starter material for the cultured meat industry. Their product is an enabler for the up-scaling of the cultured meat production.

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