Biotech protein

Nature’s Fynd, USA 1 minute read

Nature’s Fynd, a foodtech company born out of NASA-supported research, is developing microbe-based protein

In the race to shift away from heavy reliance on industrially farmed animal products, a number of solutions have been put on the table. One of the new kids on the block is called Fy, a product made from a protein-rich microbe. This naturally occurring extremophile – a microorganism with optimal growth in environmental conditions considered extreme – was discovered in a geothermal pool in Yellowstone National Park, USA. Nature’s Fynd has developed a fermentation process that uses the microbe to produce a protein containing all nine essential amino acids, along with vitamins, minerals and fiber. According to the company, Fy protein uses 99% less land and generates 99% less greenhouse gas emissions when compared to raising livestock. Fy can be used to develop alternative meat and dairy products.

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