Desalination, without a pinch of salt


Solar Water, a company based in the UK, generates fresh water by utilizing the concentrating power of sunlight

Solar Water is the first carbon-neutral hydro-infrastructure project designed to produce a continuous amount of pure, clean water. The technology brings in seawater via a glass-enclosed aqueduct system, heating the water as it moves towards a dome-shaped glass desalinator. Mirrors located around the dome focus concentrating solar radiation onto the glass and highly conductive steel frame structure. The heat is transferred into a cauldron below the dome. As a result of this process, the mass of pressurized steam produced is discharged through an outlet. The steam condensate is then piped as freshwater to reservoirs and irrigation channels. The resulting fresh water can be used for irrigation, and can undergo secondary treatment as necessary for drinking water. Extracted salt from the system is sold commercially rather than dumping it back into the sea.

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