Dining out that doesn’t cost the planet

Food Made Good, International 1 minute read

Food Made Good, the world’s largest sustainability program for the foodservice sector, is influencing over 1 billion out of home meals per year

In many parts of the world, the balance is shifting from eating at home towards eating out of home (at least, this was the case before Covid-19). This development makes chefs and restaurateurs increasingly important actors in the food system as they can influence diners to choose more climate-friendly meals. Food Made Good, a community of 12,000 member kitchens, audits the sustainability of restaurants in a standardized manner so they can benchmark themselves against others in the industry and set improvement targets. Food Made Good also facilitates a member-only platform where successes and failures can be shared between like-minded restaurants who are committed to meeting the same goals. The program began in the UK and has recently launched in Hong Kong, with plans to scale the program to other parts of Asia. The Food Made Good member-based program works with the foodservice industry, from university canteens to inflight caterers.