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Farmbetter, International 1 minute read

Farmbetter is an app for smallholder farmers in Africa and Asia who are facing the effects of climate change

Around 83% of the world’s small-scale farms can be found in Sub-Saharan Africa or Asia. The farmers cultivating these plots of land use less than 2 hectares each. While this may seem insignificant, these plots make up 12% of agricultural land worldwide. Most of these farmers are poor and many lack the capital and knowledge to implement climate adaptation measures. Farmbetter, a startup founded in Switzerland, works with smallholder farmers in Africa and Asia. These farmers are faced with major challenges as their traditional farming practices become less effective due to climate change. Farmbetter’s mobile phone application provides tailored recommendations to farmers based on their location, practices, and goals, guiding them to adapt to a changing climate and become more resilient. The service reaches farmers where no government agricultural extension services are provided.

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