Getting help from kelp

Primary Ocean, USA 1 minute read

Primary Ocean, an American company, is growing carbon-sequestering seaweed for food, feed, fertilizer, and multiple other uses

A 2019 global assessment of seaweed aquaculture’s carbon sequestration scaling potential found that there is a substantial suitable area – roughly 48 million square kilometers – in which seaweed could be farmed. A relatively small proportion (0.001%) of this area would be enough to render the entire global aquaculture industry carbon neutral. Primary Ocean, a company based out of Los Angeles, is attempting to harness this relatively untapped potential by building large-scale seaweed farms to draw down carbon, soak up excess nutrients, restore oxygen, and create habitat in oceans. The company is currently participating in a United States government-funded project to develop technologies for large scale, open ocean, seaweed cultivation systems. Primary Ocean is also developing the first commercial offshore seaweed farm in US history, 11 kilometers off the shores of Los Angeles.

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