Trickle-down benefits

DRIP, DENMARK 1 minute read

DRIP – the Danish Partnership for Resource and Water-efficient Industrial Food Production – is a public-private partnership focused on water efficiency in the food industry

Food and agriculture are among the largest water-consuming industries globally. DRIP aims to use significantly less drinking quality water and increasingly use recycled water without compromising product quality and food safety. The partnership works with major Danish food producers to find new “water-fit-for-purpose” concepts and technology, including closed loop solutions, that can be scaled up and lower water consumption by 15-30%. Solutions include designing new production equipment and reusing reclaimed process water as well as the treatment and reuse of wastewater. DRIP also wants to export these new-found technologies outside of Denmark to help others in the food industry to become more water-efficient. The partnership comprises 13 companies and three universities. DRIP also works closely with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, and the Danish Agency for Water and Nature Management.