Wake up and smell the molecular coffee

ATOMO, UNITED STATES 1 minute read

The American start-up Atomo is deconstructing coffee and creating a low-impact, molecular cup of java.

Coffee is one of the world’s favorite drinks and the world’s second most traded commodity. But there is often a terrible stain left behind by the coffee industry. Over the past decades, coffee production has increased, expanding into forest areas. This trend is not expected to subside with increased demand and climate change impacts. It is expected that coffee production will shift from currently suitable regions to higher altitudes. For every cup of coffee consumed, approximately 6.5 square centimeters of rainforest is destroyed. About 2 billion cups of coffee are enjoyed every single day. Atomo, an American startup, has decided to shake up the” magical bean juice that makes life doable in the mornings”. Instead of using the beans of the coffee plant, Atomoo is reproducing the coffee aroma from aromatic plants. The mouthfeel is created through the use of 95% upcycled plant materials. Pigments are extracted from natural ingredients to replicate the color. Bitter compounds are fine-tuned to create the right amount of bitterness. And the caffeine comes from natural caffeine found in other plants. This reverse engineering tactic allows Atomo to produce a cup of “molecular” coffee without the beans.


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