Nomination for 2020 closed

(Nomination for 2021 is open below)

We have received 650+ nominations from every continent and corner of the world, from Malaysia, Colombia and Australia to Finland, Iran and Zambia. And we are impressed and encouraged to see the diversity and ingenuity of all the submitted initiatives. They clearly show a global community devoted to solving the food system challenges we all face, and the many angles we have to approach them from.

The nominations come from high-, middle- and low-income countries and include everything from hi- to low tech, rural to urban, individual to organizational, from bold disruptive ideas to projects with an already proven and scalable impact.

The range of potential game-changers is truly impressive. Examples include regenerative farming techniques, vertical smart urban farms, new ways of producing protein and essential micronutrients from plants, algae, microbes and even air, reducing emissions from primary production, food processing and the way we consume food. Not to mention, brave nation-wide policies, international behavioural change campaigns, ocean restoration projects, machine learning to reduce food waste in restaurants, agroecological production systems based on diversity as well as speed-breeding techniques that accelerate plant growth and adapting to climate change.

All these initiatives have the potential to contribute in different ways to solving the food planet challenge: keeping a growing world population alive and well-nourished – without destroying the planet.

What happens now?

The vetting process begins – all nominations are scanned, and candidates are quality assured

The jury process takes over – the eminent Food Planet Prize jury will carefully review the candidates and decide upon three finalists for each of the two prizes:

Scalable solutions with global potential

Innovative solutions that can transform the food system

In October, the six finalists will be presented.

In December, the award ceremony will take place where the two Food Planet Prize Laureates will be announced.

Nominate for 2021 and help save the Food Planet

The Curt Bergfors Food Planet Prize aims to recognize groundbreaking initiatives from across the food value chain and around the world that address the Food Planet Challenge.

We appreciate your help in finding nominees for the two awards!


Scalable solutions with global potential

This award rewards initiatives that have already contributed to a sustainable food system or have documented efficacy to do so – and have significant potential to scale and influence globally.


Innovative solutions that can transform the food system

This award rewards brand new ideas that can hold keys to fundamentally change our food system, also with global potential.

Eligibility and criteria:
Nominees can be individuals (living), groups, institutions, organizations, start-ups fully committed to the initiative in question, or clearly identified projects in existing companies and institutions. We welcome a broad range of nominees, they can be R&D-focused, science-based or derived from practice, industrial or domestic, entrepreneurial or institutional, social/behavioural or super hi-tech – but they must have scale and global applications potential.

Who can nominate?
The nomination process is open for everyone: anyone can submit a nomination, one’s own initiative/project or somebody else’s.

  • The Initiative

    Please describe the project or initiative (or individuals) you wish to nominate, explaining the general idea behind it, the specific challenge(s) it addresses, and the effects it hopes to achieve.
  • Describe the initiative you want to nominate (500 words or less).
  • The Nominee

    Please fill in the contact information for the person(s) or organization behind the initiative. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.
  • Current position and organization (if applicable)
  • Date Format: YYYY dash MM dash DD
    (or when the organization was founded)
  • The Nominator

    Please fill in your contact information. Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.
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