The 2020 Food Planet Prize Awards; doubling down to reshape and scale up

Four $1-million prizes instead of two

The Curt Bergfors Food Planet Prize was established to find, recognize, and support initiatives and projects that can help us shift to resilient food systems and achieve food security already within this decade. This inaugural year, we received 650+ nominations, illustrating a diverse global community devoted to re-imagining food in all its complexity. 

Reshaping the food system requires an abundance of ingenious ideas and a broad range of approaches and solutions, some of them disruptive enough to radically cut through value chains and confront current perceptions of what food can be – and how it can be sourced. The challenge is global, this is why the solutions must have the potential to scale, preferably globally. To make it happen requires political will, ample funding, and consumers taking responsibility. It requires insight, and it will take courage.

The prizewinners – and finalists – represent some of the many areas we need to explore to save the Food Planet. Responding to the ever-louder emergency calls from both People and Planet, the Curt Bergfors Foundation is doubling its stake in the rescue mission. This year, we're awarding four – instead of two – US $1 Million prizes.

At the recommendation of the Food Planet Prize Jury, one of the Prizes will be shared as the two recipients already collaborate on a key area: alternative sourcing of food and feed.

“Our food system is broken, and the planet is ailing. We're all part of the problem, and we must all try to be part of the solution. I wish to contribute through the foundation and these awards”

Curt Bergfors, Founder

After a thorough vetting process and jury evaluation, we have announced the nine finalists – presented below in alphabetic order. The Food Planet Prize 2020 awardees are marked as Prizewinners.

How to find Initiatives to address the Food Planet Challenge?

Transforming the world to sustainable food systems is critical. The task is filled with high risks if we fail and major benefits if we succeed. We’re searching for solutions that can be applied widely – preferably globally – at a rapid pace. To nourish a growing world population while ensuring a healthy biosphere, we must accelerate change!

  • The vetting process

    All nominations are scanned by the secretariat, qualifying candidates and their initiatives for a shortlist

  • The jury assessment

    October – the Food Planet Prize jury carefully reviews the shortlisted nominees, narrowing down the selection for final evaluation and documentation

  • The presentation of finalists

    November – the finalists are disclosed, and their initiatives presented

  • Announcing the Awards

    December – the Food Planet Prize Laureates will be announced

Nominate for 2021 and help save the Food Planet

The Curt Bergfors Food Planet Prize aims to recognize groundbreaking initiatives from across the food value chain and around the world that address the Food Planet Challenge. It rewards ideas with global potential – ideas that have already contributed to a sustainable food system or brand new initiatives that can hold keys to fundamentally change our food system.
  • Describe the initiative you want to nominate (500 words or less).
  • The Nominee

  • Current position and organization (if applicable)
  • (or when the organization was founded)
  • The Nominator



Nominees can be individuals (living), groups, institutions, organizations, start-ups fully committed to the initiative in question, or distinctly identified projects implemented by existing companies and institutions. We welcome a broad range of nominees. They can be science-based or derived from practice, industrial or domestic, entrepreneurial or institutional, social/behavioral, or hi-tech. Still, they must have the potential for global scaling and application.

Who can nominate

The nomination process is open for everyone: anyone can submit a nomination, one’s own initiative/project, or somebody else’s.