Help us find the Food Planet​ heroes

Do you have an idea that could solve the dilemma of feeding a growing population on a warming planet? Do you know of an innovation that has the potential to sustainably transform the food system? Give it a chance to win the world’s biggest environmental Prize and nominate it below for the Food Planet Prize. Every year, the Prize awards one initiative with 2 million USD to speed up and broaden their application.

We look for brilliant concepts and projects all year round and welcome nominations from all over the world. Anyone can submit one’s own initiative or someone else’s, single or multiple nominations.

Our Jury will evaluate the nominated initiatives against six criteria, including feasibility, scalability, and potential for systemic change. Each nominee gets several opportunities to win, as this year's nominations will also be considered for future editions of the Prize. The full process

Evaluation Criteria

  • Relevance – focus area and intended impact. Which food system problem is addressed and what particular change is aimed at?  
  • Innovation – novel thinking and/or practice. How does the initiative differ from the current methods and why does it matter?  
  • Time to impact – Significant impact within ten years or faster. What stage is the initiative in right now, and how long until full-scale application in the best-case scenario?  
  • Scalability – Capacity to scale broadly. How broadly can the initiative be applied nationally, regionally, and globally? The challenge is global, this is why the solutions must be able to scale broadly.
  • Evidence – Proof that the initiative works or may work. What theoretical underpinning or practical/operational evidence is there?  
  • Systemic impact – Effects in a broader context. Does the initiative bring about additional economic, environmental, social, or health advantages? 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by ‘initiative’?

Our definition is broad. An initiative can be a product, project, or program launched by an organization. It can be the organization itself, for- or not-for-profit. It can even be an idea. An initiative is anything that could save the Food Planet within this decade.

What’s the deadline for nomination?

We accept nominations all year round. This allows you to share your finds as soon you cross their paths, and us, to take the time to review all incoming initiatives carefully.

Where do I nominate?

We only consider initiatives submitted through our online form.
It’s quick and easy! We promise!

What kind of information do I need to provide when I nominate an initiative?

All we need is for you to describe the initiative in 3000 characters or less and to provide some contact details. Our Nominations Team will take it from there.

Does the Food Planet Prize have a particular geographical focus?

No. We are fortunate to receive nominations from all over the world and wouldn’t want it any other way. Initiatives can have a hyper-local or global application and everything in between. As long as there is potential for scale.


Does the Food Planet Prize have a particular thematic focus?

No. Whether through behavioral change, education, capacity building, advocacy, practice, research, or technology, there are infinite ways of addressing the myriad of challenges the Food Planet faces and we are eager to support them all.


How are the initiatives evaluated?

Our evaluation process is thorough. Upon reception, our team scores each initiative against a set of criteria. Then, the highest-ranking nominees are subjected to external evaluation. Lastly, top candidates are presented to our outstanding jury which elects the winners.

What do the winners receive?

Each year, we award 2 million USD to one winner. In addition to the monetary Prize we also offer other support, as needed, for the winner to succeed. Learn more about the Prize

Can you give me some examples of past finalists and winners?

Definitively! Belgian B4Plastics, Kenyan Sanergy, American Greenwave, and Australian FutureFeed are some of our past winners. Get to know the fantastic work of all previous Food Planet Prize finalists and winners here.

Besides nominating, what else can I do to help?

Thank you for pointing us in the direction of Food Planet heroes! If you believe people in your network can do the same, do spread the word.

Who should I contact with additional questions?

Please get in touch with Afton Halloran, Head of Nominations, and Robert Nylander, Nominations Coordinator at