Food Planet Prize Winners and Finalists

Reshaping the global food system requires a broad range of approaches and ideas. Numerous innovators are  already shifting to sustainable solutions. Many aim  to  disrupt entire value chains and confront current perceptions of what food can be.  Some  have the potential to scale broadly. 

They are  social enterprises, startups, research institutes, grassroots organizations, and more. Elected based on the recommendation of our jury of world-leading food systems experts, the Food Planet Prize winners represent some of the many areas we must explore to rescue the Food Planet.

Meet the  food system innovators

Vetted from hundreds of  nominations,  then  assessed, ranked, and selected as finalists, the winning initiatives go through a thorough evaluation process. The Food Planet Prize is ultimately awarded the ones with the greatest potential to  help humanity shift to resilient food systems and achieve food security within this decade.

In 2021, GreenWave and B4Plastics won US 2$ million each, the world's biggest environmental award.

Winners & Finalists


2020 2021 2022


Finalists Winners
  • GreenWave - Taking ocean farming to new depths

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  • Agrisea – Rice farming goes offshore

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  • ColdHubs - A cool new way to tackle food loss

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  • Air Protein – Making meat out of air

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  • B4Plastics - A whole new meaning to the notion of ghost gear

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  • The Savory Institute - Re-greening grasslands through grazing

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