Food Planet Prize Winners and Shortlisted

Reshaping the global food system requires a broad range of approaches and ideas. Many stakeholders are  already shifting to sustainable solutions. Some aim to  disrupt entire value chains.  Fewer  have the potential to scale broadly.  These are the food system game-changers we reward.

They are  social enterprises, startups, research institutes, grassroots organizations, and more. Vetted from hundreds of  nominations,  then  assessed, and ranked, the winning initiatives go through a thorough evaluation process before being elected by our jury of world-leading food systems experts. They represent some of the crucial areas we must explore to rescue the Food Planet.

The Food Planet Prize is always awarded to the candidates with the greatest potential to  help humanity shift to resilient food systems and achieve food security within this decade.

Presenting the Shortlist of Nominees for the Food Planet Prize 2023

The Curt Bergfors Foundation received more than 1000 nominations for this year’s prize.
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Winners & Shortlisted


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Shortlisted Winners
  • The Toothpick Company Uses Fungi as New Weapons in Kenyan Farmers’ War on Weeds

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  • The Sustainable Rice Platform is the First Global Standard for Better Rice

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  • EasyMining is recycling nutrients agriculture needs

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  • The Protein Challenge is Reimagining Southeast Asia’s Food Systems

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  • Monarch Tractor is Reinventing the Wheel

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  • Coolfood is on a Mission to Make 8 Billion Meals a year Climate Friendly

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  • Aponiente’s Sea Pantry Wants to Feed the World Through Sea Grainsle

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  • The Agrobiodiversity Index is Making the Invisible Visible

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