A Jury of global distinction

Shifting to sustainable food systems is critical for our future. Identifying the most impactful solutions among several hundred nominations requires world-class expertise and experience.

Therefore, the Food Planet Prize has enlisted world-leading specialists in addressing complex Food Planet challenges to assess vetted candidates. After rich discussions, individual Jurors rank approved nominees and their collective votes naturally select the Top 6 Finalists. The Food Planet Prize will ultimately be awarded to Finalists with the most significant potential for impact. 

This year, we have expanded the jury to 12 members, representing the very best of academia, technology, business, and civil service. Some Jurors also bring cutting-edge culinary and practical farming knowledge. Additionally, with members located in 4 continents, our Jury reflects the diversity of perspectives needed to evaluate the broad range of nominations we receive from across the globe.

To facilitate their work, co-chairs Johan Rockström and Magnus Nilsson act as moderators. They also ensure a fair balance between scientific and operational considerations.

  • Clara Coleman

    Second-generation owner of Four Season Farm

  • Franco Fubini

    Founder and CEO of regenerative organic farm Natoora

  • Gina Hildebrand

    Second generation biodynamic farmer and Founder of Lady of the Sunshine Winery

  • Jessica Fanzo

    Vice Dean for Faculty Affairs and International Research Cooperations at Johns Hopkins University

  • Johan Rockström (co-chair)

    Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

  • Lindiwe Sibanda

    Director of the ARUA Centre of Excellence in Food Security

  • Line Gordon

    Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University

  • Magnus Nilsson (co-chair)

    Michelin Star Chef and Director of MAD Academy

  • Olivier De Schutter

    Co-chair of the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems

  • Paul Polman

    Co-founder and Co-chair of social enterprise IMAGINE

  • Rami Zurayk

    Director of the Food Security Program at the American University of Beirut

  • Shenggen Fan

    Chair Professor at China Agricultural University