C40 Food Systems wins the Food Planet Prize 2024!

C40 Food Systems wins the Food Planet Prize, the $2-million environmental award, for making millions of meals in major cities healthier and more sustainable
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The world’s biggest environmental prize, rewarding initiatives that support the resilient biosphere while feeding the world.

Curt Bergfors - founder. Entrepreneur, and philanthropist

Confident that the Food Planet can be nursed back to health, Mr. Bergfors launched the Food Planet Prize in 2019.

The world’s population

The way we live, we need 1.6 Planet Earths, already today

We live in the Anthropocene, a planetary epoch defined by humans’ impact on the Earth’s geology and ecosystems. Our food systems represent an important part of that impact, accounting for a mounting burden we place on the biosphere, the planet’s thin layer of life.

Already, the global population stands at nearly 8 billion. As it rapidly increases—scientists predict it will grow by about 70 million per year and reach nearly 10 billion by 2050—we will put even more pressure on the planetary boundaries, with increasing risk of crossing critical tipping points for the Earth’s stability and resilience.

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