Action, driven by insight

Our fundamental insight:

It’s all about food

We recognize food as the predominant fuel of humanity’s daily development and evolution, over time. This is self-evident, a fact hiding in plain sight, therefore often overlooked. The way we eat however, and all the associated activities needed to support this, is also the single most detrimental thing us humans inflict upon the environment in which we live.

And unlike many other things that we do, we cannot choose to not eat. 

The Curt Bergfors Foundation was established on August 30th, 2019, in acknowledgment of the perils that our current food systems pose to the health of people and the planet, and with the conviction that the ways we produce, distribute and consume food must be radically and urgently reformed if future generations — and the planet itself — are to survive and thrive. Immediate action is required.  

Our vision is a well-nourished world population on a thriving planet.

The Foundation actively supports the transition to sustainable food systems through research grants, awards, and information campaigns. Most of our activities are centered around the Food Planet Prize. 

The founding capital of 500 million SEK came from Curts private assets. 

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