Action, driven by insight

The Curt Bergfors Foundation was established on August 30th, 2019, in acknowledgment of the perils that our current food systems pose to the health of people and the planet, and with the conviction that the ways we produce, distribute and consume food must be radically and urgently reformed if future generations — and the planet itself — are to survive and thrive. Immediate action is required.

The Foundation actively supports the transition to sustainable food systems through research grants, awards, and information campaigns. Most of our activities are centered around the Food Planet Prize.

The founding capital of 500 million SEK is sourced from Mr. Bergfors’ private assets. Additional funding, up to a total of one billion SEK, is under consideration.


A well-nourished world population and a healthy planet


To drive a rapid transition to a sustainable global food system

Long-term commitments

  • We deepen knowledge

    We help you understand the many challenges of today's food system through research and reports commissioned by us. Our series of thematic reports offer both the bigger picture and in-depth knowledge of the complex interactions between food, the planet, and humans.

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  • We broaden awareness

    We keep you updated on high-relevance Food Planet developments – as they unfold. Our shorter analytical and opinion pieces highlight how food is key to solving the world's most pressing issues. They provide the food system context behind newspapers’ headlines and external research.

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  • We support sustainable initiatives

    We promote initiatives and individuals working to secure the world’s future food supply while fostering a healthy and resilient biosphere. Whether established or still at a conceptual stage, we award US $2 Million prizes to those with the greatest potential to help save the Food Planet within a ten-year timeframe.

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Our fundamental insight:

It’s all about food

We recognize food as the predominant fuel of humanity’s daily developments and evolution overall, over time. This is self-evident, a fact hiding in plain sight, therefore mostly overlooked. We want to refocus on the essential role of food in keeping people, our living space, and the planet safe. This is why we’re working on establishing a sharp and coherent Food Planet Perspective to understand vital developments.

We acknowledge that:

  • Continuous degradation of soil, water, and air – and global warming – is largely driven by the way we produce, distribute, and consume food.
  • Continued advancement of large-scale agriculture and animal husbandry is devastating to our ecosystems and causes heavy biodiversity loss.
  • Chemical-intensive primary and secondary food production recoil on us humans in the form of disease generation and the undermining of public health.
  • Pandemics, such as COVID-19, originate in our global food system and its encroachment on nature and its habitats.
  • Conflicts, migration, and refugee crises around the world are, to a large extent, about access to and competition for water and food.