A selection of food reshapers to inspire you!

The Food Planet Prize receives hundreds of nominations every year from all corners of the world. After thorough vetting by the Secretariat and its specialists and careful assessment by the Food Planet Prize Jury, we award two US 1$ million Prizes to the Laureates we believe have the greatest potential to help us transition to sustainable food systems rapidly.

Along the way, we also recognize a broader spectrum of nominees whose ideas can favorably impact the future of food. We present these initiatives under the banner “Editors’ Pick” to manifest how we can address various highlighted themes in the overall Food Planet Challenge. We also include them in this directory.

The directory presents these outstanding initiatives in all their diversity: from nature-based solutions to AI-assisted FoodTech and behavioral science. We hope it inspires you to actively engage in the sustainable food arena. You might find a startup to invest in, a team to mentor, or facts and findings to further your own research. We tracked down these heroes – the Food Planet game-changers that are waiting for you to join our community!

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  • Power to Food - Take excess carbon dioxide, add electricity, get fat?

    It sounds like science fiction; it’s just science. Turning CO2…

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  • Undeland - Eating more of the fish we catch

    The researchers at Undeland Lab are developing a circular system…

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  • Waging war on ocean plastic

    The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization, wants to remove 90%…

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  • Fishing sees the light

    SafetyNet Technologies out of the UK has developed underwater lights…

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  • Tending the octopus's garden

    Nemo’s Garden, an Italian initiative, is testing the viability of…

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  • An edible solution to a wicked problem

    Evo & Co., an Indonesian social enterprise, provides biodegradable alternatives…

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  • Sea rice – a superfood contender

    Aponiente has discovered that eelgrass, a marine plant, can produce…

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  • Floating gardens of the sea

    Agrisea, a Canadian startup, has developed a way to grow…

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  • Catching the big fish

    Blue Justice is an international initiative against transnational organized crime…

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  • GreenWave - Taking ocean farming to new depths

    GreenWave has pioneered a vertical ocean polyculture that produces high…

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  • Agrisea – Taking rice farming offshore

    Agrisea uses a gene-editing technique (CRISPR) to amplify the salt-tolerant…

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  • ColdHubs - A cool new way to tackle food loss

    ColdHubs designs, commissions, installs, and operates "plug and play" cold…

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