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Clean Cooking Alliance, International 1 minute read

The Clean Cooking Alliance is fighting climate change and air pollution with better stoves available to all.

Nearly 3 billion people rely on open-fire stoves to cook their food. But this way of cooking has consequences for both human health and the environment. Worldwide, cooking over biomass-burning emits one-quarter of black carbon (soot particles) emissions, a major contributor to global warming. This is why clean cooking is vital to combating climate change. Recent evidence demonstrates that the most efficient and low-emission cookstoves and fuels can reduce black carbon emissions by 50-90%.

The Clean Cooking Alliance works to drive consumer demand for cleaner stoves and fuels. They mobilize investment to incentivize scalable business models that can deliver affordable, appropriate, high-quality clean cooking products. The Alliance’s objective is to achieve universal access to clean cooking solutions.

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