Calling for More Nominations to Run for the Food Planet Prize 2025!

The World's Biggest Environmental Award, the Food Planet Prize, is Calling for More Groundbreaking Projects to Run for the Prize in 2025.

2024-03-21 1 minute read

We are The Curt Bergfors Food Planet Prize and each year we award $2 million to a single winning project that significantly reduces the environmental impact of the way we eat. Our vision is a well-nourished world population on a thriving planet.

Unlike most other awards, we focus on future impact rather than past success.

Right now we are looking for more groundbreaking projects to run for the 2025 Prize!

The prize can be awarded to individuals or organizations in both commercial and non-commercial settings. You can nominate your own initiative or someone else's.

Nominations are always welcome, but as our selection process takes just over a year, to stand a chance of winning in 2025, submit your nominations before May 10, 2024.

Nominating a project takes just three minutes but could change the world!

So do not hesitate and submit your nominations now!

Nominate yourself or someone else, it takes three minutes and could change the world!