The Food Planet Prize Shortlist 2024 is here!

2024-05-06 1 minute read

The Food Planet Prize Shortlist 2024 is here! This year, seven projects made it to the finals, and the winner will be selected on June 28 here in Stockholm!

The shortlisted projects represent a diverse range of initiatives and showcase groundbreaking approaches to tackling the environmental footprint of our food systems:

Each project underwent a thorough evaluation by the Food Planet Prize in-house nominations team, followed by academic reviews by leading external experts.

In partnership with the Roads&Kingdoms magazine, we created a dedicated article - on the winners&nominees page. Enjoy the read! Each is an exciting story about how brilliant minds all over the world try to lessen the environmental damage caused by the way we eat.

We congratulate the finalists!

Nominate yourself or someone else, it takes three minutes and could change the world!