Gina Giugni

Second generation biodynamic farmer and Founder of Lady of the Sunshine Winery

Gina Hildebrand is a second-generation biodynamic farmer and winemaker. She owns and runs her winery, Lady of the Sunshine, which doubles as an education platform for regenerative farming practices and natural wines, located on the Central Coast of California.

Q: What do you see as the most pressing issue(s) in reshaping the global food system?

The transition from conventional, chemical farming, to regenerative farming and land management at a scalable level. I believe education and implementation will be crucial parts of this process.

Q: What would you like to achieve by being a member of the Food Planet Prize Jury?

Help drive the much-needed shift to a healthy global food ecosystem where regenerative agriculture and land use can bridge the gap between educators, consumers, and policymakers. I want to lift up solutions focusing on restoring and stabilizing our climate.

Q: What unique experiences or knowledge do you bring to the jury?

I am a young, female farmer applying regenerative farming techniques in California – a region severely affected by climate change – and believe my insights on sustainable farming practices will be an asset when evaluating agricultural nominees.

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