Franco Fubini

Founder and CEO of regenerative organic farm Natoora

Food Planet Prize Jury Member Franco Fubini is the Founder and CEO of Natoora, a regenerative organic farm located in Cornwall, UK. Fubini is a passionate advocate for radical change in the way food is farmed and supplied. His farm works directly with over 600 small-scale growers to supply over 1000 restaurants in London, Paris and New York, and to educate consumers on the impact of their food choices.

Q: What do you see as the most pressing issue(s) in reshaping the global food system?

It all comes down to the systematic de-education of consumers from the powerful industrial food system. A system that functions on a devastating combination of exceptional momentum and inertia. One in which complacency, uniformity and efficiency override singularity.

Q: What would you like to achieve by being a member of the Food Planet Prize Jury?

The Food Planet Prize magnifies two principles that are at the core of my vision for a stronger food system: innovation and accessible scale. The opportunity to, not only learn firsthand about the transformative ideas and developments springing up across the globe, but also to see them through the eyes of such a multidisciplinary jury is invaluable. Going forward, I will undoubtedly draw from these fresh perspectives to help build a resilient, restorative and equitable food system through personal action and Natoora.

Q: What unique experiences or knowledge do you bring to the jury?

Since founding Natoora, I have spent two decades tackling the issues facing our food system head-on. Now connecting over 600 growers, 1600 world-leading chefs and over 46,000 households across two continents, I find myself uniquely placed to put forward both ground level and top-line experiences of farming and supply chain.

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