Food Planet Prize Co-founder Lars Peder Hedberg passed away

Stockholm, 8 November 2021

The Curt Bergfors Foundation and the Food Planet Prize regret to announce the death of our Co-founder and Director-General, Lars Peder Hedberg, who passed away on 07 November 2021. Lars Peder died at the age of 72 at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, after a long battle with cancer.

Together with Co-founder Curt Bergfors, Lars Peder conceptualized the Prize’s vision and how it should contribute to a well-nourished world population and a healthy planet. He led the Foundation since its inception in 2019 and left a lasting mark not only on the Prize but also on the food sector as a whole.

“Lars Peder was near and dear to me. We have thought, planned, created, and had wonderful moments together. That’s how we founded the Food Planet Prize. He also has been part of Max Burger’s think tank for four years. I will miss him dearly.” Curt Bergfors, Co-founder and Chairman of the Board

Born on 30 July 1949 in Frufällan, a small town outside Gothenburg, Lars Peder was an acclaimed Publisher long before running the Curt Bergfors Foundation. He first ventured into the food sector in 1995 with Gourmet Magazine, the predecessor of White Guide – Nordic’s leading restaurant guide – which he co-owned. Launched in 2005, the Guide monitors gastronomic trends and supports sustainable development in the restaurant industry. He was also the Nordic Chair of The World’s 50 Best Restaurant.

Leading the world’s biggest Food Prize

In March this year, Lars Peder stepped down from the Executive Management of the Guide to devote himself to the Food Planet Prize. He brought his decades-long leadership experience, knowledge of sustainability, and passion for food cultures at the service of the Foundation’s mission to drive a rapid transition to a sustainable global food system.

Who replaces Lars Peder?

World renown chef and food philosopher Magnus Nilsson is appointed Director-General of the Foundation, effective immediately. He also takes over Lars Peder’s seat on the Board of Directors.

Magnus first joined the Food Planet Prize in the summer of 2020 as a Jury Member and became the Foundation’s Secretary-General in Spring 2021. He will continue to realize Lars Peder’s vision as well as lead the Foundation to its next development stage.

“I am deeply saddened by Lars Peder’s passing. I admired his drive, dedication, and appetite for knowledge. He was a visionary, and I will try and carry on his legacy.” Magnus Nilsson, newly appointed Director-General

We at the Food Planet Prize present our deepest condolences to Lars Peder’s family and friends.

About the Curt Bergfors Foundation

The Foundation actively supports the transition to sustainable food systems through research grants, awards, and information. Most of our activities are centered around the Food Planet Prize.

About the Food Planet Prize

The Curt Bergfors Food Planet Prize is the largest monetary award in the global food arena. It rewards innovative solutions that can help us shift to sustainable food systems within a ten-year timeframe.


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