The Agrobiodiversity Index wins the Food Planet Prize 2023, the world’s biggest environmental award

Stockholm, Sweden – 9 June 2023

The Curt Bergfors Foundation is thrilled to present the Food Planet Prize 2023 to the Agrobiodiversity Index. With US$2 million for one single winner, the Food Planet Prize is the world’s biggest environmental award.

The Agrobiodiversity Index has done something that has never been tried before. It has a vision of using science and empirical evidence to quantify and measure the sustainability of the food system, and translate this into a quantitative index for farmers, businesses, and policy, in order to accelerate the adoption of sustainable and healthy food systems. 

“For the Agrobiodiversity Index, winning the Food Planet Prize 2023 means that we can take our work to the next level. Change is a process, and this will allow us to catalyze the process into policies and practices,” commented Sarah Jones, co-lead of the initiative.

“The climate crisis is already well known, compared to the biodiversity crisis. This will allow us to put the agrobiodiversity crisis on the map,” added Arwen Bailey, member of the Agrobiodiversity Index team.

The Curt Bergfors Foundation received more than 1000 nominations for the 2023 edition of the prize. A yearlong evaluations process started with initial reviews by the foundations nominations team resulting in a longlist of the most interesting nominees, picked to equally represent all parts of the food system, a wide geographical spread, and a balanced selection between technological, nature based and social innovation.

From the longlist, ten candidates were selected and put through a rigorous process of academic and practical evaluation, on-site visits by an investigative journalist and a photographer commissioned by the Foundation, and a full compliance and due diligence report. Eight nominees were finally chosen for the Food Planet Prize shortlist and presented to the jury.

On Friday morning (9 June) each of the eight shortlisted nominees were given the opportunity to address the jury in person and tell them why they should win this year’s award, and to answer a few final questions. Following this, final jury deliberations were held and concluded by a vote to select this year’s winner.

About the Agrobiodiversity Index

For more information, please click here and here.

About the Jury

The Food Planet Prize jury consists of ten jurors representing the leading edge of thinking around food today. They collectively carry the diverse perspectives and the deep expertise needed to evaluate the broadest range of initiatives. Together, they cover the entire food system, from those who grow and make food, to entrepreneurs, civil servants, and academics. The Jury is chaired by Johan Rockström, Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, and Magnus Nilsson, Director-General of the Food Planet Prize, and formerly the head chef and restaurateur of restaurant Fäviken Magasinet.

About the Food Planet Prize

The purpose of the Food Planet Prize is to lessen the impact on our environment from the way we eat.

Every year the prize is awarded to a winner that the Curt Bergfors Foundation believes has the potential to fundamentally change the food planet for the better, if only they get a chance.

Anyone can nominate themselves or someone they think should win. The Food Planet Prize nominations team evaluate new nominees all year around and welcome initiatives from all parts of the world, all parts of the food system, from non-profit and for-profit organizations, and from individuals.

Our overarching goal is a healthy population on a thriving planet.

About the Curt Bergfors Foundation

The Curt Bergfors Foundation was established in 2019 to help fast-track the shift towards sustainable food systems by providing potential food planet game-changers with the means they need to succeed. Besides awarding the Food Planet Prize, the foundation supports research and other activities working to lessen the environmental impact from how we eat today. The foundation is independently governed by its board of directors and all of the foundation’s activities are funded solely with the proceeds from the capital donated by its late founder Curt Bergfors.

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Photo credit: Food Planet Prize – Eric Olsson.

Food Planet Prize Jury Co-Chairs Magnus Nilsson and Johan Rockström with representatives of the Food Planet Prize 2023 winner, The Agrobiodiversity Index, Sarah Jones, Co-Lead, and Marwen Bailey, member of the Agrobiodiversity Index team

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