Global Mangrove Alliance

Global Mangrove Alliance

The livelihood of communities in the Marismas Nacionales Reserve such as Bocas de Camichin depend greatly of shrimp fishing and oyster farming. Gabriel Ortiz retrives a string of oysters farmed on rafts in the Reserve. Ortiz is a member of the Ostricamichin cooperative, a local partner for WWF and TNC in their projects.

2022-11-13 1 minute read

The Global Mangrove Alliance brings together more than 30 member organizations around the world not only to fight the loss of the unsung heroes that Mangroves are but also to protect the livelihoods of its guardians. Its five coordinating NGOs – Conservation International, Nature Conservancy, Wetlands International, International Union for the Conservation of Nature, and World Wildlife Fund – leverage their resources to lift up localized conservation and restoration solutions that can be applied at scale.

“We are thrilled that the Prize will contribute to supporting the livelihoods of coastal communities and improving food security for the 4.1 million fishers who depend on healthy mangroves as a critical source of jobs and protein. I will reduce poverty and boost economic resilience, as the Global Mangrove Alliance conitnues to work towards our goal to halt loss, restore half, and double protection of mangroves globally by 2030.

Karen Douthwaite, Director of Oceans at World Wildlife Fund