Looking for the potential game-changers

The Curt Bergfors Food Planet Prize is the largest monetary award in the global food arena. It rewards innovative solutions that can help us shift to sustainable food systems within a ten-year timeframe. The Prize  is the Curt Bergfors Foundation’s primary tool to encourage agents of change and promote game-changing initiatives.

Transforming to sustainable food systems carries existential risks if we fail and major benefits if we succeed. We’re searching for solutions that can be applied widely – preferably globally – at a rapid pace. To  save the Food Planet, we must accelerate change! We have committed to awarding two US 1$ million monetary awards annually. In 2020, reflecting the rising urgency, we doubled our stake in a sustainable food future to four US 1$ million prizes. The latest IPCC climate report, dated 9 August 2021, confirms there is no more time to waste. It's Code Red!

Luckily, visionaries all over the world are working passionately to rethink, re-engineer and reshape our food systems. Their brilliant ideas, bold initiatives, and smart solutions must be recognized and given the opportunity to make an impact.

The 2021 search arena 

To meet the Food Planet challenges, we need a diverse set of approaches. We’re looking for potentially impactful projects all across the food system's value chain, broadly defined. Primary production is key, but innovations downstream are equally important.

From last year’s assessment process, we learned that the best projects are often both innovative and broadly scalable. Many of the most potent initiatives already exist and are more or less ready to scale. We actively look for these existing, proven solutions whose scaling potential and systemic benefits have not yet been fully understood. Considering the urgency, these initiatives are key to overall success.

We must also identify truly groundbreaking innovations. We will not transform the current food system by only fine-tuning existing ways and means; we have to make room for truly radical ideas and disruptive crossovers as well and apply a risk/benefit perspective all through the analysis and assessment process. Some projects are at a conceptual or experimental stage but have the potential to become radical agents of change, perhaps even game-changers.

The hunt is now on for all of them.


Accelerating the transition to sustainable food systems


Awarding two US 1$ million prizes, annually, to the best candidates

  • 31 May

    End of nominations

  • Jun

    Vetting period

  • Jul

    Jury assessment

  • Oct

    Presentation of Finalists

  • Nov

    Announcement of Prizewinners


Nominees can be individuals (living), groups, institutions, organizations, start-ups fully committed to the initiative in question, and/or distinctly identified projects implemented by existing companies and institutions. We welcome a broad range of initiatives. They can be science-based or derived from practice, industrial or crafts-based, entrepreneurial or institutional, social/behavioral, or hi-tech. Still, they must have the potential for broad scaling and application. The challenge is global. This is why we must find solutions with potential for worldwide implementation.
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The nomination process is wide open: anyone can submit a nomination, one’s own initiative/project, or somebody else’s. Multiple nominations from the same source are encouraged.
We evaluate the nominated initiatives against six criteria: thematic relevance, level of innovation, feasibility, immediacy of impact, scalability, and potential for systemic change
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