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The Curt Bergfors Food Planet Prize aims to identify, recognize and reward important initiatives to reinvent our food chain and help establish a sustainable food system that supports the resilience of the biosphere and the stability of the Earth, our planet.

The invitation to nominate initiatives for the Prize is worldwide – and continuous. Nominees are screened to be qualified for assessment by an international jury of leading specialists in the relevant key areas, working in cooperation with scientists at the Stockholm Resilience Centre at Sweden’s Stockholm University.

The Awards

Drastic measures are necessary to transform our current failing food chain into a resilient system. This is why the Food Planet Prize supports initiatives with proven impact, ready to scale on a global level, as well as innovative ideas and projects that challenge or even disrupt current thinking and practices. The Food Planet Prize yearly rewards two hero-initiatives with USD 1 million each.

The Food Planet Prize,

endorsing two approaches:


Amplify & Accelerate!

Scalable solutions with global potential

Initiatives that have already contributed to a sustainable food system or have documented efficacy to do so – and have significant potential to scale and influence globally.


Rethink & Reshape!

Innovative solutions to transform the food system

Progressive ideas that can hold keys to fundamentally change our food system, also with global potential.

The Jury

The Food Planet Challenges are vital, and extremely complex. Transforming the world to sustainable food systems is critical for our future, the task is filled with high risks if we fail, and major benefits if we succeed. We are in search of solutions that can be applied widely – preferably globally – at a rapid pace. Finding these solutions among several hundred nominations requires world-leading expertise and experience. The jury is co-chaired by Johan Rockström, joint director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, and Line Gordon, director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Read more about the jury here

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The Curt Bergfors Food Planet Prize aims to recognize groundbreaking initiatives from across the food value chain and around the world that address the Food Planet Challenge.
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