Food Planet Prizewinners and Shortlisted

Reshaping the global food system requires an abundance of ingenious ideas and a broad range of approaches. Numerous game changers are already shifting to sustainable solutions. Others aim to disrupt entire value chains and confront current perceptions of what food can be. Many have the potential to scale broadly, some even globally. 

These food system innovators include social entrepreneurs, startups, research organizations, NGOs, grassroots alliances, and more – distinctly illustrating the diversity of the communities devoted to feeding all and saving a planet in peril. The Food Planet Prize awardees, elected by a jury of world-leading food systems experts and scientists, represent some of the many areas we must explore to rescue the Food Planet from demise.

Meet the Food System Innovators

Vetted from hundreds of nominations, shortlisted, then assessed, ranked, and selected as finalists by the Jury, the awardees’ initiatives go through a thorough evaluation process. Ultimately, the Food Planet Prize is bestowed upon theones that have the greatest potential to help us shift to resilient food systems and achieve food security within this decade.

The Curt Bergfors Foundation awards two 1 MUSD Prizes annually. Heeding the ever-louder emergency calls from both people and planet, however, the Foundation doubled its stake in the rescue mission in its inaugural year of 2020 when four 1 MUSD prizes were awarded. One of these prizes was shared, as per the Jury’s recommendation.

In 2020, four 1MUSD Prizes were awarded to

“Our food system is broken, and the planet is ailing. We're all part of the problem, and we must all try to be part of the solution. I wish to contribute through the foundation and these awards.”

Curt Bergfors, Food Planet Prize Founder

Winners & Shortlisted


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Shortlisted Winners
  • The Land Institute

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  • Sanergy

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  • PAD & Rare

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  • FutureFeed

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  • icipe

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  • microTERRA

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  • GreenWave

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  • The Crop Trust

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  • Blue Ventures

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