Keeping you updated on Food Planet developments – as they unfold

The news flow about Food Planet issues is most often dark, exposing the current food system’s many inadequacies and malfunctions, and linking them to climate change, decaying living environments and decreasing biodiversity.

But all is not doom and gloom; it’s vital to spot the good news and identify the people, projects, and ideas that may be part of turning the tide. Some of the positive initiatives we bring to light are covered in our Nominations and Editors’ Pick sections; others will be featured here, in their proper context and in full detail.

In this section, we also invite people in our network to express their opinions on food system-related issues, successively turning News & Views into a mission-driven discussion platform exploring how we can save the Food Planet.

  • 381 Thanks for Hunting for Sustainable Food Projects with Us!

    Just 4 months ago, we asked for your help to…

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  • The pandemic is served!

    The COVID-19 pandemic has focused our attention on food safety…

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  • UPDATED REPORT: Managing the Food System’s Main Asset - Land

    In this updated Food Planet Prize report, Dr. Afton Halloran…

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  • California Farming - An Inferno Rising

    Wildfire season has officially started in the Golden State. Water…

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  • Microplastics: A Macro Threat to the Food Planet

    Images of turtles entangled in plastic often hit the headlines.…

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  • Food matters to all the UN global goals

    What do the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals have to…

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  • Humans are driving one million species to extinction, and agriculture is one of the major culprits

    Over millions of years, the Earth gave us a truly…

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  • Half a degree of global warming is a big deal

    As things stand now, the world’s food system could get…

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  • We cannot address the climate crisis without considering how we manage land to produce food

    Improved efficiency has enabled us to use less land to…

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  • “The planetary health diet”: a call to shift focus from red to green

    There are nearly 8 billion humans on Earth. Scientists predict that…

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  • How to feed a growing population, meet climate goals and reduce poverty

    Is it possible to adequately feed nearly 10 billion people…

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  • Global food production must stay within the planet’s safe boundaries

    We live in the Anthropocene, a planetary epoch defined by…

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